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The Prids

Love Zero (Luminal)
by Wa

After performing for nearly five years, The Prids have finally released a full-length album, Love Zero. In true DIY fashion, the 10-track album is a sleek 29 minutes and 42 seconds of pure Goth rock bliss. Imagine The Cure meets Joy Division overlaid with the vocal harmonies of Siouxsie Sioux and her male counterpart. This is never more clear than on the title track, comprised largely by the interplay of Mistina Keith's bass and David Fredrickson's guitar, and drummer Lee Zeman does an admirable job keeping everything together. The brilliant keyboards of Jairus Smith are used less than I'd like, but it works for the Goth rock they've so absolutely committed themselves to.

The strongest tracks here are "The Problem," "Panic Like Moths," "You as the Colorant," and "Contact." The Prids may not be breaking new ground with their songwriting, but they do capture the essence of the great European groups of the late '70s and early '80s better than any other American band.

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