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Notwist | Different Cars and Trains | review | electro | rock | Lollipop

The Notwist

Different Cars and Trains (Domino)
by Tim Den

Not only do The Notwist continue to reinvent themselves after 13 years together, they continue to surprise and awe with each new sonic documentation. This new EP offers remixes and instrumental interpretations of songs from their last full-length, the highly-acclaimed Neon Golden, featuring such guest knob-twiddlers as Four Tet, Manitoba, Loopspool, and the band's own Console. The results are bleeps-and-bloops backed by heavy dancehall/dub rhythms, resonating with deep sub bass and unpredictable digital scratches. Not only are the original compositions given completely unrecognizable facelifts, a new identity for the band emerges as well: That of laptop DJs armed with beautiful, melodic themes. I can't wait to hear the upcoming studio album.
(PO Box 566 New York, NY 10276)

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