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The Husbands

Introducing The Sounds Of... (Swami)
by Craig Regala

Mix the Cramps "goo goo muck" record with the '80s indie/garage tradition of a few chords 'n' a cloud of gal howl and you'll be a-ok. Fun echoy basics that paint on the same cave wall as their forebearers in Girl Trouble, the early K rec's aesthetic, and anything Billy Childish was involved with, ever. Meaning: The "punk" has as much pre-'60s black, white, guy, girl schmaltz/soul research as anything the Seeds ever did. Everything's perfectly placed, sounds great, and if they come here to Columbus, Ahia, I'll get'm a show with the Patsies. Really, if you have any taste for such things, this is 26 well-spent minutes. Good singer, too. As "retro" as it signifies - well, it's really not: It's their choice of tools and recording that keeps it in the garage rather than the studio. Unless your some kinda facist, that's the right move.
(PO Box 620428 San Diego, CA 92162)

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