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The Format

Interventions and Lullabies (Elektra)
by Lauren Bussard

I looked at this album and immediately thought two things: 1) OH GREAT, 'cause what the world really needs is another "the" band, and 2) since they so cleverly chose to begin their name with "the," this band is probably just more indierock-dancepunk-crappola. While I continue to stand by opinion #1, my second assumption actually turned out to be 100% wrong. The Format, in fact, specializes in '80s-era acoustic-y light pop-rock, and their songs often include such eclectic instruments as sleigh bells, a banjo, a mellotron, and a wurly (what the hell is a wurly??). They sound like Pete Yorn plus The Wallflowers singing songs written by Elliot Smith on Prozac. Interventions and Lullabies is an awesome album for it's genre, but I still feel a little duped by the name. Hey guys, I can think of a better one for ya... let's see... The Wurly's?

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