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The Figgs

Slow Charm (Earmile)
by Katy Shea

The raw rock vitality, speed, and thrust of The Figgs was always what I used to characterize them in my mind. Fast power pop, and lots of pogoing fans in black t-shirts. Literate and smart, but via Mike Gent's legendary rock star swagger and drawl. I always liked the Figgs and expected more of the same on this record. Everything that was charming about them is here, but with more sweet harmonies rocking through signature guitar sounds, more interesting rhythmic choices, and a generally clearer sound. Pete Donnelly's vocals standout here next to Gent's, and the lyrics are cynical and yet inclusive: All presented with the Figgs' sophisticated power pop craftwork. They're not, as many bands who've been around for 15 years might be, trying to emulate the modern posturing rock/emo sounds that regrettably consume the mainstream airwaves. I've gotten older since I first heard their music, and they have too. Slow Charm exudes just that. It's a solid record for old fans and virgin listeners alike. Mature but never boring, I'm happy to be surprised and charmed by the Figgs all over again.

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