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The Failure

...of reason (Meter)
by Craig Regala

Hmmmmm. Nice radio-ready rock band that puts together chirpy/pushy tunes with real-sounding instruments and a heartfelt (read: '70s-speak for "emo") singer. They aren't scared of some nice syncopated nu-rock moves, as they shouldn't be. Rock needs the cross polyrhythmic push from r'n'b, hip-hop, etc., as long as it's played in real space/time and not programmed, or it's just synth-pop with a rock veneer. It kinda reminds me of a couple of the bands breaking from the Christian rock scene into the mainstream: Skillet, mainly. A little "singerly/friendly/sincere" for me; but hey, I'm as old as yr dad and twice as grumpy.

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