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Desert Fathers | The Spirituality | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Desert Fathers

The Spirituality (Threespheres)
by Evan Solochek

Let's see here... This band is a hard one to dissect. First of all, tracks one, four, six, eight, and nine are nothing more than eerie spans of repetition that would be great to listen to during a séance, or at least as a compliment to heavy drug use. From there, The Desert Fathers offer up a mixture of metallic distortion, electronic beats, and amorphous samples that is all then piled onto a rock and roll foundation with vocals that remind me of Built to Spill. While there are distinct parts of this musical hodge-podge that I enjoy, track number two ("A Practical Joke") in particular, overall, I was left confused. Experimental music can be incredible and thought-provoking, and while this album ultimately left me baffled and disinterested, it's certainly not without musical value and I have no doubt that there is a large contingent of people in the world that would find this album absolutely incredible.

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