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Afflictions | Peotone | review | rock | Lollipop

The Afflictions

The Peotone (Captain Spazz)
by Scott Hefflon

"The Afflictions formed in Chicago in August 2000. We're a Rock 'n' Roll band more or less. Guitar, keyboards, sax, drums, vocals. No bass, but we're thinking of adding tuba."

That pretty much sets ya up. Oh, and when they say keyboards, they're talking Farfisa organ and Rhodes electric piano. And when they say rock'n'roll, they actually mean the meanest vintage r&b-rooted Chicago hip-shakin' garage rock you've heard white people play in some time. Part swagger, part spazzout, seemingly not White Stripes fashion fucks (can't be positive, but they seem humble and about the music), this mere six-song EP isn't enough, only wetting the whistle enough to thirst for more. The band's first full-length was due in stores in August, 2003, but either their "label"'s site is a little slow, or it's not come out yet. Definitely worth looking into.

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