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T Raumschmiere | Radio Blackout | review | electro | rock | Lollipop

T. Raumschmiere

Radio Blackout (Novamute)
by Lex Marburger

When someone comes up to me and starts blathering about "Electroclash" or "Technopunk," I'm usually inclined to see him as some weak-minded effete with minimal talent and a Casio-cum-Tube Screamer distortion pedal (exceptions go out to Peaches, cuz I like her sex). But I figure, since the label's are still kinda new, why not throw out the old, and bring in some new sounds? Let's take T. Raumschmiere out for a spin and see what we can do...

Radio Blackout uses crunchy basslines and breakbeats to hammer out crude melodies and rhythms that seem to jump out of the stereo. Strangely, the single being pushed, "Monstertruckdriver," is one of the least interesting songs on the album, a Gary Glitter "Rock 'n' Roll"-inspired dance shuffle that doesn't really go anywhere. They should be pushing tracks like the angular dub "Someday," or the eerie "Drown in the Sea While Watching the Stars." If they really need a dance hit, they can go with "Rabaukendisco," an electric X-Ray Spex inspiration, or "Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Strom," a dragged-through-the-gutter dance-floor stomp the Chemical Brothers wished they had the balls to make. Guys like this should take it upon themselves to stomp the heads of Fischerspooner while kicking their asses, which should be easy enough, considering the one is stuffed up the other.


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