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Stavesacre | Live From Deep Ellum | review | rock | Lollipop


Live From Deep Ellum (XS)
by Tim Den

Stavesacre were one of the first aural architects to create the "Christian power rock" sound that's currently dominating Tooth & Nail Records and - to some extent - mainstream radio (POD, Linkin Park, etc.). The band have grown more melodic with each release, and with (stAvz'A'kEr), seem to've developed quite a crush on A Perfect Circle as well. Languid bass lines and mournful vocals blend with explosive power chords and grooves, expertly timed like a Hollywood movie to lift you out of your seat during climaxes. Too premeditated, you say? Maybe, but considering how they pull it off without the painful smugness/studliness of radio rock bands today, I'd say all is forgiven.

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