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Spark of Life | Promises Made Promises Kept | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Spark of Life

Promises Made. Promises Kept. (Lorelei)
by Adrian Bromley

There's a lot of sincerity in what Spark of Life is doing here, and that's always a good thing. While the band's music is an emo/hardcore amalgamation of melody and aggression, it doesn't come off as formulaic or rehashed or boring. The variety keeps the music going strong from start to finish. Plus, there's some true grit and directness to the music, with no glossed-over production to make this come off as sappy (with the emo/melodic work). In short, Promises Made. Promises Kept. is a good learning tool for bands that really showcases how easy it is to bring together multiple ideas/styles and keep them on the same level and not disorient the listener. Nicely done.

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