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With the Tides (Kinetic)
by Tim Den

Though South have never been a top Britpop contender, With the Tides just might change all that. Informed by propulsive electro rhythms not unlike Doves, tracks like opener "Motiveless Crime" and the crashing "Colours in Waves" mix delicious vocal harmonies with thunderous grooves that make you sway your head while singing along. "Loosen Your Hold" is Travis-meets-Simon & Garfunkel earthiness set to harpsichord, while "Straight Lines to Bad Lands" is a trippy acoustic number set to hammering snare hits. But by far the most noteworthy feature of With the Tides is its insistence on not being denied. You simply can't listen to this album just once. It begs to be heard over and over again, until you find yourself humming the melodies day in and day out. A couple of spins later, it starts to sink in that this album reveals more and more of its magic each time. A bridge between The Stone Roses and U.N.K.L.E. that's addictive as hell.

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