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Railsplitter | 860 Some Odd Lbs | review | rock | Lollipop


860 Some Odd Lbs.
by Craig Regala

26 minutes of "root, hog, or die!" groove-growl. The tough scaly underbelly of '90s Southern grind (Eyehategod, Buzzoven) taken into a bikerish "don't let'm grind you down" direction. Ex-Dragbody/Bloodshovel guys. If I wasn't such a pussy, I'd name a band Bloodshovel. They're like some errant tangent where Harry Crew's A Feast of Snakes novel comes to life and bites you in the ass sayin' "Ha! Yr it!" Look, they're like a suv'vern version of Cable with the class of Antiseen. Cable's pretty good, right? Antiseen's pretty GODDAMN GOOD, right? The South is where it all started, so this is really fuckin' A-O-FUCKIN' KAY! Right? Maybe they can come North and pick up Atlanta's Mezzanine on the way. Hope springs eternal.

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