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Procession Came Opposite | Oceans | review | alternative | punk | Lollipop

Procession Came Opposite

Oceans (Norwood)
by Lauren Bussard

Apparently Procession Came Opposite thinks it's a "punk-rock" band, which is all fine and good, because some of the songs on the disc are indeed backed by a frantic drumbeat. But for three out of the seven songs on this EP, that description is far from the truth. "Music," and "The Silver," in particular, are these slow-rock jams that wax philosophical on the emotional/musical power of the ocean. Um...what??

I'm all for an album revolving around a certain theme, but after seven all-too-similar melodic and anthemic jams about the sun/surf/ocean waves, I don't ever want to hear about oceans again.

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