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Plebs | Out in the Open | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop


Out in the Open EP
by Tim Den

Yet more proof that Scandinavian music's better than American, this time by an unsigned band, no less! Plebs hail from Norway and recorded their debut EP with Bjarte Ludvigsen (drummer of Poor Rich Ones), which means crisp, wintery tones and haunting/serene melodies aplenty. Think The Cardigans' first album, Morten Harket's solo work, and (duh) Poor Rich Ones, sweetly embraced by the occasional fluttering arpeggio ("Dream Alive")... aaaahhhh, good stuff! Credit must also go to Ludvigsen for continually engineering/producing beautiful work: Kings Of Convenience, Röyksopp, Lorraine, and now Plebs. It is true: Norwegian pop never disappoints.

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