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Pepe Deluxe

Beatitude (Emperor Norton)
by Lex Marburger

Man, sometimes it sucks when you just know that a band isn't gonna make it, but obviously should. Take, for instance, Pepe Deluxe. These guys have the wit, talent, and chops to be loved by many, but there's no way the national media is gonna get it. BEATitude is a combination of programming, live instruments, and actual songwriting. I'd compare them to an upbeat Project Pollen (remember them? Thought not), or like TRS-80 meets SST. Hmmm. Ok, how about this: Cool beats and heavy basslines interspersed with mellow guitar lines and emotive vocals. Innovative use of samples, and songs that are actual songs, rather than extended set pieces. BEATitude makes you want to dance, and makes you want to hold your baby's hand. Choice cuts are the psych-out R&B of "Girl!," the backwards-forwards voices of "Little Miss Cypher," and the repetitive, deceptively melancholy, lullaby of "Lying Peacefully." If these guys could just break out a little, just to get their foot in the door, they might just start a movement. Let's hope.
(102 Robinson St. Los Angeles, CA 90026)

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