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Something About the Stars
by Jamie Kiffel

There is something inherently stirring about that Billie Joe (of Green Day) virile slacker-collegiate sound certain singer boys seem to have, and Pensive has it. It's undoubtedly what attracted Demi Moore to Ashton Kutcher: Unstoppable energy, charming angst, and floppy hair. "If it's over, then it's way too soon... am I to blame?" the boys sing over wide-open chords. The sound is practically slipping on beer and reeking mattresses on late Sunday afternoons, and no one here will consider the mortality of anything but a relationship for at least another five years. There's probably an exam this week and a Thursday barbecue that's more important; gotta make time to declare a major and time for a trip to Newbury Comics. Hey, I remember when those seemed like challenging times. Demi, maybe you had the right idea after all.

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