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On The Speakers | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

On The Speakers

by Tim Den

I've been waiting a long time for this. Ever since it was announced last year that former Creeper Lagoon frontman/guitarist/vocalist had taken up a new band by the name of On The Speakers, anyone not located around the Los Angeles area (where the band started playing regularly) have been dying of curiosity as to what the new outfit sounds like. Well, this self-titled EP arrived just in time for Christmas, and I must say Santa was good to us.

Not as immediately radio-friendly as Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday, nor as lo-fi as I Become Small and Go, On The Speakers falls somewhere between the two extremes. The choruses are still big, but not Clear Channel big. The rock is still loud and in your face, but the stripped-down recording lends it some indie chic aesthetics. The two opening numbers ("Could I Be Right" and "Share Your Self") - the latter of which is the highlight of the disc - could've fit perfectly on the Watering Ghost Garden EP. Which means it's sweet and bombastic in all the right, underground ways.
While Sharky Laguana continues to carry the Creeper Lagoon name around in forms of good-recordings-but-horrendous-live-shows, it is with On The Speakers that old fans will find comfort and pure happiness.

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