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New Mexican Disaster Squad | review | punk | Lollipop

New Mexican Disaster Squad

by Duke Crevanator

The press release that came with this record promised "a mix of early '80s hardcore with the aggression of contemporary punk rock." I dunno... I certainly appreciate their effort, and these guys do deserve credit for trying something new, but it just doesn't quite work for me. But it's a relief to hear a band that's obviously true to their roots of '80s-style hardcore try to interject their own twist to that style. I mean, there are just too may bands out there that try to sound EXACTLY like their favorite bands. Unfortunately, with New Mexican Disaster Squad, it seems like their two favorite bands are The Exploited and The Queers. I think A-F Records should've reworded their "contemporary punk rock" to read "contemporary POP punk rock." However, these guys have definite potential. This is only their third recording, and the first for A-F. I'm sure they're great live, and when they get some more experience beneath their belts, they'll iron out their style.
(PO Box 71266 Pittsburg, PA 15213)  

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