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Days of Fire (At A Loss)
by Craig Regala

Upping the ante by building grooves and melody into the grind, these guys could make a buncha knotheads (you, me, and others who really think a slighty straightened dirt grind take on what-ever-the-fucking tangent punk/metal is taking this year is the right direction) happy. So don't dick around; put it on your Christmas list. It's good and'll give you something to play after that Charger record I keep buggin' you about. If they play Cleveland with Keelhaul and High on Fire or Mastodon, you best book a flight. Instead of extremism for it's own sake, these guys butt heads with all sortsa ugliness and non-ugliness. Hey, is that an acoustic guitar and clean singing? I'll bet Terrorizer gave'm at least 3.5 stars. At least...


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