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Malefaction | Where There Is Power There Is Always Resistance | review | metal | Lollipop


Where There Is Power There Is Always Resistance (G7 Welcoming Committee)
by Adrian Bromley

Easily one of Canada's best kept secrets is Manitoba act Malefaction, a monstrous meshing of noisecore brutality, grindcore intensity, and politically-charged lyrics that rain down upon us with a maelstrom of fury. No one is safe as the band unleashes mountains of heaviness at the snap of a finger. Intelligence and heaviness don't usually go hand in hand (unless, of course, you're Napalm Death), and it's almost orgasmic how it all unfolds into a blistering wall of white noise. I've championed this band from their early indie days, and it's great knowing that this might be the disc to open them up to a bigger audience. Godly!

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