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Under Suspicion (Victory)
by Jessica Parker

What a fun CD! Madcap rocks out on their third album with punk, reggae, rock, and '80s dance inflections. In today's world filled with mediocre musicians raging out on MTV about how punk they are, Madcap provides talented songwriting and a true, urban badass attitude. The album begins with the infectious and pumping instrumental "Keep Dancin," that made me sit up and give this band a serious listen that few bands these days provoke me to do. Then I got up and danced. That's how catchy the songs are, harking back to sounds equivalent to the Ramones and the Clash. The band members play their instruments furiously, and lead singer/guitarist Johnny Madcap's vocals are unrestrained. Madcap's Under Suspicion kicks ass. Go rock out to it now.
(346 N. Justine St. Suite 504 Chicago, IL 60607)

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