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Life at Sea | Is There a Signal Coming Through | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Life at Sea

Is There a Signal Coming Through? (Lucid)
by Tim Den

Life At Sea
sound vaguely familiar, like lost b-sides of your favorite albums or a supergroup made up of your favorite ex-members. The fact that this isn't a bad thing says a lot about the band: They've inherited all the right elements of indie rock's past 20 years and produced plain and simple good songs out of 'em. It doesn't matter that they overuse arpeggios and delay pedals, because strong tunes extend beyond styles and textures. If you can use old methods to yield new (and worthy) results, what's the problem? There isn't one. Life At Sea have good songs. And you should listen to them.
(665 Timber Hill Rd. Deerfield, IL 60015)


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