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Get Mad
by Scott Hefflon

Comedy ain't pretty, and neither is rock'n'roll. While the teeny-boppers may require shyboys with tousled hair and an exaggerated sense of self-deprecation, someone's still gotta rock, and if the guys who do it right happen to have mullets, smoke Marlboros, drink Bud by the 30 pack, and you keep running into them at the pizza shop and the liquor store, well hell, that's where men hang out, ya know? If your "rock icons" hang out in clothing stores more than beneath a muscle car or face down in a dive bar, you're getting a wanna-be fashion model, not a rock lifer, got it?

So Lazorwolfs strip the music to its essence and let it rip. There are desert rock moments and stoner/psych "fingertip drips," but 90% of Get Mad is just that, a full-throttle charge, a hoorah ass-shake boogie, a thigh-slapping guitar wail, all reminding you of good bar bands more concerned with rocking your ass sweaty than getting clothing and hair gel endorsements. Compare this to Throttlerod, Lamont, Crash And Burn, early Clutch, Fireball Ministry, Puny Human, Ironboss, etc. Basically, it's butt ugly rock, sometimes skating toward stoner rock cuz it's loud and distorted and there's jamming involved and people zone out and "go there," sometimes skating toward "metal" for people who think anything with a crunchy guitar is metal. It's just rock, kids. Don't fear the rock.

Interestingly, for a self-produced effort, the guitars sound ripping and lively, not over-processed, not shitty. And the vocals, well, you're never gonna confuse this Chris with that Cornell fella, but I always thought the guy from The Hellacopters had a really "normal" voice, and lots of people seem to like that. Lazorwolfs are keeping the rock alive in Montana (I think that's where they're from), are you doing your part?

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