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Wat (Mute)
by Wa

Laibach basically invented the sound epitomized by Rammstein and KMFDM. They were formed in Slovenia, in the former Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, back in 1980. Since their inception, this industrial/art rock collective with social/political leanings suffered under a governmental ban on the use of the name Laibach, and on performing publicly. Because of the ban, Laibach was forced to release their first album in 1985 without their name on the cover, instead using the now distinctive black cross, and relying upon word-of-mouth promotion. On Wat, they continue their 20 year distinctive brand of opera/ebm/industrial rock performed in Slovenian and English. Imagine Carl Orff's Carmina Burana meets Rammstein. Strong songs include "B Mashina," "Hell: Symmetry," and "WAT."


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