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Karmellas Game | What He Doesnt Know Wont Hurt Him | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Karmella's Game

What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him (Speedbump)
by Tim Den

The bio's right on the money: This is Debbie Gibson fronting The Rentals while Lifetime plays in the background. No, not Background-era Lifetime... come to think of it, not really Lifetime's energy, either. Just some of their chord progressions lent to sweet boy/girl crooning and that-annoying-pseudo-New Wave-synth sound every 14 year-old uses. Still, my wincing at the keyboards aside, Karmella's Game write accessible synth pop without dumbing down too much. There are smart vocals, tasty harmonies, and most importantly, songs that go somewhere. Which is a helluva a lot more than you can say for most bands of this genre.


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