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Joint Custody | Anthropic | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Joint Custody

by Jamie Kiffel

With something of The Cardigans' coming-of-age melancholy and vulnerably out-of-tune harmonies, it's obvious why Joint Custody was a staple on the college festival circuit. Easygoing and accessible, the music moves along jubilantly, discussing "getting up for class tomorrow" and watching Buffy every Tuesday night just to see Sarah Michelle Gellar. My favorite lyric, however, has to be taken verbatim: "Take that you aristocrat critic. Couldn't tell a piece of shit from a good song. Something's wrong with you. We got lots of loyal fans they play our songs in their garage bands. And you don't know about me except for what I put in my song. I didn't mislead you, you just assumed wrong."
Point taken. Enough said.

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