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Ichabod | Let The Bad Times Roll | review | metal | stoner | Lollipop


Let The Bad Times Roll (Root Sucker/Black Locust)
by Adrian Bromley

Masked in a hazy metal/stoner rock/hardcore realm of existence, Massachusetts' Ichabod rumble through an array of numbers that radiate such a slumberous sound that, as the record goes on, the weight of the album rests upon you shoulders, making it almost unbearable to deal with. And it should come as no surprise - with a sound so chaotic, heavy, yet calculated like this - that producer Reverend Steve Austin (of Today Is The Day fame) was involved in helping the Ichabod boys draw up plans for their massive noise machine. Let the Bad Times Roll is a series of bizarre passages coming together as one - and working. A definite mindfuck if there ever was one...

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