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Hollywood Hate | Product of Our Environment | review | punk | Lollipop

Hollywood Hate

Product of Our Environment (TKO)
by Duke Crevanator

Hollywood Hate definitely delivers a late '80s SoCal sound. For local readers of Lollipop, think kinda like what Gang Green turned into in the late '80s. They certainly do have a full cup of piss to throw at you, so the aggresion is there. The muscianship is there as well. They're tight and pretty well-produced. But it just doesn't do all that much for me. There are certain songs that stand out ("Lied," "Choke Hold," and the title track), but the rest just leave me kinda bored. However, I do confess to having a lack of interest in the whole SoCal sound, scene, and bands (with a few exceptions). So if you're into any of the aforementioned, you'd probably be very happy with this record.
(3126 W. Cary St. #303 Richmond, VA 23221)  

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