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Himsa | Courting Tragedy and Disaster | review | metal | Lollipop


Courting Tragedy and Disaster (Prosthetic)
by Tim Den

Fuck me, this is Himsa!? Are you sure!? Cuz last time I checked, these guys were bare-knuckling down primitive NYHC 101. Someone discovered death metal! Or changed a dozen members, apparently. Himsa 2003 is Blind Guardian guitar pyrotechnics, In Flames swagger, and AFI imagery (undoubtedly the weak link in the band's muscle sinew) sharing the same body. Chugging, train-like riffing as melodic as the best of the Swedish, the band are yet another example of how the hardcore community has finally caught on: Learn how to play! That was the key all along! It only took people, what, a decade to figure out? For Himsa, the change is a monumentally devastating one. Who knew these guys could write dark, heart-breakingly sorrowful melodic death? Courting Tragedy and Disaster will hopefully propel them out of the kiddie metalcore pool and into the international arena alongside Poison The Well.
(11664 National Blvd. #413 Los Angeles, CA 90064)

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