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Gravity Propulsion System | Poison Rays of Sound | review | rock | Lollipop

Gravity Propulsion System

Poison Rays of Sound (Ascetic)
by Craig Regala

Drilling and droning, this is the kinda thing you heard a bunch during the decade when Sonic Youth released Daydream Nation and many of our nation's college students had to turn the dial to the left to hear such things. Nowadays? Ikara Colt could gig with'm just fine, as could Poem Rocket, or some of those angular units wandering around in the yard where Kittens for Christian and The Division of Laura Lee play kickball with Trail of the Dead and Cursive. Will they have a slot on the five-disc tribute to Too Pure recs I'm gonna put out when I hit a big enough number? Hey, any band that even comes up with a title as good as "Damage Control Disguised as Progress/Sick Energy" gets in... Gotta love the four videos, too. Really a great way to go about augmenting the spacier side of things.
(PO Box 2224 St. Louis, MO 63109)

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