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Gaza Strippers | From the Desk of Dr Freepill | review | rock | Lollipop

Gaza Strippers

From the Desk of Dr. Freepill... (Nicotine)
by Scott Hefflon

Hopefully, you don't need Gaza Strippers explained to you. Ok, to summarize, Rick Sims released five records with The Didgets for Touch & Go and "Killboy Powerhead" was covered by The Offspring on Smash, then he was in Supersuckers, then he started Gaza Strippers who've had CDs on Man's Ruin and Lookout!, and EPs on Triple X, Scotland's Twenty Stone Blatt, and now Italy's Nicotine Records. Oh, and they've been on at least one Fistful of Rock'n'Roll comp. They also have sexy CD covers. And they rock. So are we done with the history lesson?

Simply put, Rick's got a distinctive voice, somehow mixing Styx, Cheap Trick, and helium (the gas, not the band) into a rock voice. And he's a legend, so any rocker in their right mind'll play with him, so his band rips. Compare 'em to Cheap Trick or G'N'R or The Hellacopters or any other rock band who can play tight'n'tricky while hitting on your girlfriend and drinkin' your beer and you get the point. From the Desk of Dr. Freepill is an expanded EP, basically, cuz of the 10 songs presented, one's a cover of Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack," another's Blue Öyster Cult's "Me262," and the final three songs are live in Sweden (and available elsewhere), including Love And Rocket's "Yin and Yang the Flowerpot Man." Everything Gaza Strippers do is worth hearing and probably owning.

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