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Found Dead Hanging | Dulling Occams Razor | review | metal | Lollipop

Found Dead Hanging

Dulling Occams Razor (Black Market Activities)
by Adrian Bromley

Holy sheep-shits, Batman! Having only heard the buzz but not the music, I was blown away upon first listen of Dulling Occams Razor. Found Dead Hanging are easily one of the most intense bands I've heard in the last few years. Not to say they're the heaviest band ever, but the method and delivery of their music and the determination and drive of the aggression unleashed upon us easily helps this album surpass many bands of the genre. The raw, sludgy aspect attached to the forward-moving hardcore/grind style works wonders, strengthening each song with a deafening and deadly blow. Choice cut would have to be "Taking Stock Portfolio Advice From Martha Stewart." FDH are a unique band that deserve the attention they've garnered thus far, and if you don't know of them, stop what you're doing and search them out. A welcomed beating, that's for sure.

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