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Eyes Like Knives | review | rock | Lollipop

Eyes Like Knives

(Secret Fire)
by Craig Regala

Strong five cut disc from a Boston band that may be either aware or not of the classic late '70s-into-'80s sound /approach from said city. That being a lifetime ago makes little difference, Eyes Like Knives poke and wiggle like they're on a bill at The Rat with Mission Of Burma, whatever band Thalia Zadek was in at the time, and Dumptruck. Names that may mean little to you, but meant a fuckuva lot to bands that've provided loam for guys like E.L.K. A well rocked-out poke into emo's soft gut pulls out the worthwhile bits and pieces that'll help keep the jagged burn from warm and yelpy. Put'm on your next "I'm gonna impress'm all with this mix CDR" between The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, early Eno, Trail Of Dead, The Moving Targets, Elastic, and Cursive. See?
(PO Box 2163 Des Plains, IL 60017)  

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