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eROTic | A Million Empty Lives | review | electro | Lollipop


...A Million Empty Lives (Gestalt)
by Wa

Erotic is an undeniably raw industrial band that makes the best use of what they have at their disposal. To get a clearer picture, imagine for a moment an '80s speed-metal demon fueled by an EBM drum track and blanketed by a combination of dry British New Wave verses, and hair metal choruses.

"Nothing" is clearly the top song, with a female vocal counterpart that offers a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the mostly testosterone-drenched ...A Million Empty Lives.

While the male vocals are spotty, Dr. K and Thommy Rautic's guitar work are blistering and heavy as hell. The piano performance on "Forever" is nice as well. Other tracks worth your ears include "Problems," "Forever," "Down," and "Remember DiAnno." The rest of the album, while not top shelf, is offensive enough to annoy your neighbors.

Biggest negative about the album: Advertising 13 tracks on the CD liner and then discovering only 11 on the disc.

If you enjoy The Electric Hellfire Club, or A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste-era Ministry, then Erotic is for you.

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