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Envy | Dead Sinking Story | review | metal | Lollipop


A Dead Sinking Story (Level Plane)
by Adrian Bromley

While listening to A Dead Sinking Story, words kept circulating through my head: Emotional, unsettling, haunting, and unstable. Japan's Envy have etched out a multitude of musical creations over many years, pushing forward an interesting collection of sounds, styles, and emotions, but it will be this, their fourth album, that will generate the biggest buzz. After just a few spins, I was feeling some real emotional sensations similar to when I first heard Refused's groundbreaking album The Shape of Punk to Come. Yes, that is immense company to travel with, but I have faith Envy shall walk the route just fine. I can't believe the sonic maelstrom of emotions that A Dead Sinking Story resonates as the lengthy epics go on, never once losing the attention of the listener due to boredom or repetition. The wheels of creation are always in motion here. This album will get loads of airplay on my stereo this year, and for many more to come. Stellar work!

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