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Greatest Hits: Volumen 1993-2003 (One Little Indian)
by Tim Den

Part of her nine DVD, four-CD boxset onslaught this past summer, Greatest Hits: Volumen 1993-2003 is the Icelandic diva's complete videography, covering everything from all four of her studio albums to one-off singles. Most of these videos have never been shown on U.S. music channels (especially not "Cocoon," which features a powder white, topless Björk shooting Twizzlers out of her nipples), and as the viewer scrolls from one to the next, there's no denying that the vision at work here is astounding. Not that anyone needs reminding of that, since Björk is an international superstar. But the fact that none of the 21 videos here ever depicts her the same way – or thematically repeats any concept or visual – is simply staggering when compared to the cliché-ridden crap that's on the idiot box.

And such craftsmanship! The cinematic "Play Dead" rivals any Hollywood dramatization, with its accentuated shadows and climactic overtures; the musical-esque "It's Oh So Quiet" blends ol' time elegance with bizarre humor like only Spike Jonez can; the concept-heavy "Bachelorette" compliments the song's emotional tugs with a "box-within-a-box" storyline; the clinical sexuality of "All Is Full of Love" with its pristine robotic details, and so much more. The leading lady never appears the same twice, much like the uniqueness of each and every one of her songs. And though once in a while there is fumbling ("Jóga," one of her best compositions, gets cheapened with a CG montage), Greatest Hits: Volumen 1993-2003 is never short of jaw-dropping beauty. If Björk's music takes you to futuristic, orgasmic, and fairytale-like places, this DVD is all of that delivered right into your eye sockets.

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