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The Big Nothing (54º40' or Fight!)
by Tim Den

I know, I know, these guys have been described as "Led Zeppelin-meets-Radiohead" a thousand times before... but fuck me, that's seriously right on the money. Guitarist/vocalist Dan Dixon (a respected engineer/producer) possesses a timber not unlike that of Thom Yorke, and his bluesy hammer-ons glue to drummer Brian Hunter's stomps similar to the way Page/Bonham collided. Classiprog rock? Hardly. Consider the swaggering off-times and jagged arpeggios: Certainly not The Allman Brothers. But way too vintage-minded to be called post-anything... so what is Dropsonic's sound? Perhaps a mesh of the best: Indie rock's brains, classic rock's bombast and earthy riffing, modern rock's attention to lilting vocals. Even though this is just a reissue, I'd say The Big Nothing floors the competition.
(PO Box 1601 Acme, MI 49610)  

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