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Destruction Made Simple | Terror Stricken Youth | review | punk | Lollipop

Destruction Made Simple

Terror Stricken Youth (A-F)
by Grady Gadbow

Theoretically, with digital technology, no sound quality is lost as copies are made of copies of copies and a good analogy to the creative process goes out with the horse and plow. These guys are like Pennywise (but not as good) who're like Bad Religion, but not as good. That's okay if you like a lot of repetition, really bright bass tones, and vocal lines that follow the guitar like fuckin' "Iron Man." In other words, typical second stage Warped Tour fair.

One of the singers in Destruction Made Simple has a good screaming voice like the guy from Filth, but it only pops in occasionally, which is disappointing. It's like they've got a star running back and they won't give him the ball. They can't seem to get more than one good thing going on at a time. Even when they play a tribute to Joe Strummer, it's practically an insult to Paul Simonon. I understand it's their first effort, so maybe they'll get better.
(PO Box 71266 Pittsburg, PA 15213)


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