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Dedspace/Constants in Breaking split (Radar)
by Evan Solochek

What we have here is a split EP by two local bands who are not really bringing anything innovative or interesting to the table. There isn't anything conspicuously bad about either of these bands, but, at the same rate, there really isn't much that I can get excited over either. Constants in Breaking offers up pretty run-of-the-mill screamo/indie-rock. They blend melodious singing with spats of screams, like everybody else, and within their songs they juxtapose heavy, aggressive spats with soft, harmonious lulls. I'm sure fans of Thursday, Blood Brothers, and Coheed and Cambria will love this band, but personally, it's just not music that I can really get passionate about.

Dedspace does a lot of the same things that Constants does, but with a much softer edge. Absent are the screaming accompaniment and aggressive distortion, and in their stead are dark, passionate wails and squealing guitars. Again, the music has nothing glaringly bad about it; it's just a little too rock and roll for my taste.

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