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Blue Sky Goodbye | Look on the Bright Side | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Blue Sky Goodbye

Look on the Bright Side (Uprising)
by Lauren Bussard

Here is a great example of my number one pet peeve: Bands where the vocalist is singing in a completely different genre than the instruments. Blue Sky Goodbye are indeed part indie, part punk, and their album, Look on the Bright Side, is yes, very earnest and charming. However, the singer sounds like what David Bowie would sound like if he was singing for a metal band. Think carefully about that, and I'm sure you'll quickly realize how crappy that would sound. And let me assure you, it does. The bio claims that their music appeals to fans of Jimmy Eat World, Hey Mercedes, Jawbreaker, and Alkaline Trio. I'm a fan of all those bands and I still don't like this one. Maybe they meant for fans of what a band would sound like if all those bands melted into one - which would be a bad idea in the first place.
(PO Box 490 Laguna Beach, CA 92652)

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