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Gling-Gló (One Little Indian)
by Tim Den

Before Debut got her on her way toward international stardom, Björk recorded Gling-Gló, a collection of Icelandic jazz and folk songs that went plantinum in her native country. Remember "It's Oh So Quiet" from Post? Well, imagine a whole album's worth, except much more toned-down in energy... like The Fabulous Baker Boys or something.

"Luktar-Gvendur," by far the album's best, sounds like something Randy Newman would write for Coltrane, while Björk shows her (young) age on the title track by singing slightly off-key in parts. That is to say Gling-Gló has its moments, but certain has its weak spots as well. More examples: She soars on "Tondeleyo," but can't quite control the out-of-tune madness that is "Börnin Vid Tjörnina."

Backed by nothing more than the traditional jazz house three-piece (piano, upright bass, brushed drums), Gling-Gló is either for diehard fans or for someone looking for that post-Sleepless in Seattle-movie-credits-loungy-ness. I'll be hanging onto this simply cuz I adore anything with this woman's voice on it, but everyone else proceed with caution.

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