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Big Collapse

Prototype (The Militia Group)
by Lauren Bussard

Congratulations to Big Collapse for the worst lyric of the year: "Horse-trader, you negotiate like a hammer, time-waster, now you've gone and lost your grammar," singer Josh Loucka growls on "Private War." The rest of the songs on Prototype sound like similar bad covers of Soul Asylum songs (I find myself often making comparisons to Soul Asylum... hmm... I think they just might be the root of all terrible modern hardcore-grunge-rock).

I do kinda like the track "Automatic," but that's only because it reminds me somehow of that terrible mid-'90s band Lit (which I have a secret affinity for, don't tell anyone). Anywho, overall, Big Collapse's particular brand of grungy-'80s-laced metal should stay in the '80s, because no one does it like the real '80s bands did.
(1215 N. Red Gum St. #L Anaheim, CA 92806)


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