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Ben Folds

Speed Graphic (Attacked by Plastic)
by Tim Den

Just when I was wondering when the follow-up to Ben Folds' brilliant "solo" album (Rockin' the Suburbs) was comin', he announces the arrival of three self-released EPs and a new full-length. You bet I almost had a heart attack. Speed Graphic, the first of the EPs, contains five songs that include new, old, and covers, kicking off with The Cure's "In Between Days." And let me just say WOWZERS, cuz Folds' playing and singing almost completely rechristian the already-incredible number. The rest of the EP continues the bedazzling with newbie "Give Judy My Notice" (a voice-and-piano ditty), the unveiling of never-before-heard oldies "Protection" and "Dog" (both featuring blistering drummer Jim Bigios), and a "lost" Folds/Darren Jesse (drummer of the 'Five) collaboration called "Wandering." All gems, naturally, smooth as George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven, and as addictive as fried chicken. There's even a hilarious soundbite at the end of "Dog" that has Folds playing tricks on his wife. Humor, class, great fucking songs, and crystal-clear production... awww yeah, this is gonna be Foldsman's year!

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