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Bee And Flower | Whats Mine Is Yours | review | rock | Lollipop

Bee And Flower

What's Mine Is Yours (Neurot)
by Craig Regala

The drifting, cinematic, shadowed beauty that courses through this thing will pull anyone who'd love a combo of the Cocteau Twins, Sade, Garbage (no dance stuff), Portishead, Mazzy Star, Lisa Germano... or a combo of all of 'em doing tunes co-written by that guy in Firewater. At times a sparse and lighty-drugged half-awake beat combo dipping into pensive gal-pop, at times acidic acoustic drone doom that'd fit any 4AD fan like scotch to soda. I could see this stuff busting way out and up. Gotta be a million people that'd like this.
(PO Box 410209 San Francisco, CA 94141)

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