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Anthemic Pop Wonder | Rapid Pop Thrills | review | alternative | punk | Lollipop

Anthemic Pop Wonder

Rapid Pop Thrills
by Scott Hefflon

Both the band name and album name are perfectly fitting. Enthusiastic, near-giddy at times, the often-wavering vocals (think Guided By Voices) simply ooze sincerity, and while to use the word "garage" these days brings up all the current NYC fashion victims, Anthemic Pop Wonder are garagey in the non-fuzzed, pure pop sense. While so many are competing to be hipper and cooler than everyone else, APW squeaks and geeks by them all by simply playing with joy and smiles. Not to blow things out of proportion, but this is probably accidentally sweet, like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd: Just strummy and fun powerpop that strikes a timeless chord without actually meaning to. There are quite a number of missed notes and cracked vocals, but, for once, the band has an actual "oops, aw shucks" appeal, unlike all the emo kids who practice and practice what Anthemic Pop Wonder pull off with natural grace: Authenticity.|

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