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Angry Amputees

Slut Bomb (Dead Teenager)
by Craig Regala

Angry Amputees are a band of four gibbering yolks who puddle stomp through power pop, pop-punk, straight chug rock, and snippits of punk rock like it was writ in SoCal circa '81. Even the tinge of ska is confined to non-odiousness. The new disc, Slut Bomb, has 11 tunes, and chances are, a couple hundred thousand of you'd wish it had more if you get the chance to hear the thing.

How'd you come up with the album title Slut Bomb?
Dalty: Slut Bomb: (slut bawmb) n. 1) A large and dirty slovenly woman, explosive or incendiary in nature. 2) Cheesy, easy, and sleazy. [colloq.] Yikes.

Stacey: It was funny at the time, I can't really remember why now.

Jen: They came up with that BJ (Before Jen).

I haven't heard anything besides Slut Bomb. Is the other stuff much different?
Dalty: The songwriting has grown as we've matured as musicians. And now more than ever, different band members are bringing different sounds to the songwriting table. The new material and its direction will stand out in contrast to Slut Bomb. Now we question everything we write and put it under a microscope. If something can be improved, the old stuff is thrown out the window.

Stacey: We recorded a CD ourselves called Thought I Wouldn't right at the beginning, and it's really bad. But now, we're all writing the best music our band has ever written. We're all writing together as a collective unit and can't wait to put out our next record. We're playing mostly new material at our live shows now.

Jen: No, it's exactly the same.

Eric: The next album will be the defining Amputees record for a while, and we can't wait for people to hear it.

If you had a chance to play a thousand-seater with AC/DC, Foo Fighters, or Good Charlotte, who would you pick?
Dalty: AC/DC, hands and stumps down. Good Charlette... What's wrong with you, man?

Stacey: I'd take AC/DC first, then Foo Fighters.

Jen: Foo Fighters

Eric: Let's see, can we have The AC Fighters headline and hold the GC? No GC, please.

Dalty, considering your legless/fingerless* situation, is there any A.Amps. material that's been written you can't play? Also, everyone I lend the disc to states "how you are inspirational." Have you managed to use this to cage the occasional blowjob?
Dalty: Nothing has been written that I can't play. If anything's difficult, I just practice it over and over until it gets done right, like anyone else should who plays an instrument. But inspirational blowjobs? Well, uh, I'm not saying...

Eric: There isn't anything that Dalty can't play. He's usually better than most people who have all their digits.

Stacey: (...cage the occasional blowjob?) Yes, he does!

How'd you guys end up on Dead Teenager? It's like you guys and Dirty Power (who've since split with Dead Teenager) have split the rock-punk split 70/30, 30/70 and it works out both ways. You guys ever play together?
Dalty: Not yet, but I'm game.

Stacey: I hear they're cool guys though, and we're all from San Francisco, so I guess it's just a matter of time...

Eric: It's mostly a San Francisco thing. Sometimes it's not just about genre, but more about community. We all play the same clubs and appreciate each others scenes respectively. It's all rock and roll to me!

I see Micha Kite wrote a good review of Slut Bomb on He works for Pit Magazine. You should do a layout in full metal gear and get some of that metal money. I mean, Sinergy covered "Hanging on the Telephone" and Slayer did "Richard Hung Himself"... Hell, that's not too far off from you guys.
Dalty: I want to cover "Dead Skin Mask" and "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" but I don't think anyone else in the band likes any Megadeth. Pussies.

Eric: Covering someone else's stuff is always kind of a weird thing to step into. You always want to do songs from bands that you're into, but at the same time, you don't want to fuck up someone else's song. I'm more into writing songs for our own band right now.

Do people ever give you stuff when your out on tour? I always try to get people to get stuff for the bands; 9 volt batterys, meds and "meds," tapes and CDs to play, etc.. Generally, people don't know what a pain in the ass it is to carry much of anything with you on the road. What stuff do you want people to give you?
Dalty: Gas money would be great. Free hotel rooms and a bottomless bar tab. Sex is always great to have. But ultimately, can someone buy us Journey's Greatest Hits on CD? We fucking love that album, but we only have it on an old cassette tape, and we're wearing the shit out of it.

Stacey: Back rubs, free food, towels, a place to sleep; you know, the normal shit. It would be rad to get the occasional slap in the face, though.

Jen: Money.

Eric: I've met a few girls that give great headache, but for the most part, people are really cool when we're out on the road. We've had people give us everything from tools to blankets. One guy even gave us a taste of his homemade moonshine after he fixed our van for free.

So here's a question I ask everyone: Name three bands you'd like to take on tour without $ being a concern. From any era.
Dalty: The Who, Mötley Crüe, and Thin Lizzy. Ultimate rock and indulgence.

Stacey: The Black Halos, Dwarves, and Frank Sinatra; cuz they're all fucked up!

Eric: The Hollowpoints, Willie Nelson, and Madonna!

*The "official" story is Dalty (the bass player) had Bacterial Meningitis which ate away his legs and fingers down to the first knuckle. Word in the clubs is he went down to the crossroads and offered the devil his legs to rock. Belzebub turned him down and then said if Dalty'd throw in his fingers down to the nubs, it'd be a deal. Well, a deal's a deal said Dalty, and here he is.


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