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Anadivine (Sidecho)
by Lauren Bussard

Well, first things first: "song" number one, "In Regard to the Radio Capture and..." (whatever the hell that means) is actually a minute-long montage of crashing sounds, screaming, and finally, a slow heartbeat. Now that's what I call artistic.

If you can make it past that cleverness, the rest of the album is actually a skillful mix of early Get Up Kids-sounding vocals and melodies plus The Julianna Theory-esque drawn-out orchestration. For example, the last track, "The Frequency Hostage," glides its way through three-fourths of the song before any vocals show up. And beautiful as that may be, I get antsy when an instrumental track drags on too long (which is why I don't really listen to the Julianna Theory in the first place). That said, this is definitely an impressive debut from this little band straight out of Kingston, N.Y.

Ooh, one more side note: Anadivine's bio says - somewhat cryptically - that the song "Cross Your Heart" features "a guest vocalist, who is from a band that also shares Anadivine's Kingston roots." Now call me crazy, but I swear it sounds exactly like the singer from Rush. Seriously.
(1215 N. Red Gum St. #L Anaheim, CA 92806)


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