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Fat Chicks In Party Hats

by Chad Van Wagner

I'm speechless. No, really... What can you say about a concept so forthright, fully formed, and inarguable that the title really does say it all? Fat. Chicks. In. Party Hats. Simple. But oh so evocative.

Now, granted, Fat Chicks In Party Hats isn't going to win any "Webbys" (at least, I don't think so). It's rather mean-spirited, and there's not exactly any Pulitzer caliber material there. No, it's kind of like a dumbed-down version of the "Cliff Yablonski Hates You" feature on Something Awful.

According to legend (actually, the site manifesto), the barely literate ramblings that accompany each picture are the work of a certain "Miguel," a young Hispanic boy who seems to have a thing against people of size. English is not Miguel's first language, which a few seconds on the site will prove.

So, besides pages and pages (and pages) of fat people, what else do we have? Well, hate mail, of course (as the site curator (?) Seanbaby says, "Fat people hated it. Mostly because they couldn't eat it.") A fan graphics (huh?) section, a "Fat Hat Dance" area, and... well...

Fat Chicks In Party Hats is indefensible. Even dumb but interesting sites like Modern Drunkard and Something Awful have a clever undertone to them that satisfies the right brain, but FCIPH has no such buffer. A bit like porn without the sex part: Undeniably amusing, but with no nutritional value whatsoever. Try to stop giggling, though.

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