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Vampire Mooose | review | metal | Lollipop

Vampire Mooose

by Martin Popoff

Men. We love to make things, break things, manly things, and make noise while doing it. Then we quickly move on and the cycle continues, hopefully with beer. Vampire Mooose are such men, and they've decided to make something, more like a contraption, that whirs and whirls, cogs turning nothing then something, evil energy created for the goodly future of music. The sound of this self-titled debut (great mascot possibilities there - a tour with Maiden would be something) seems drawn up by guys snickering in anticipation of what the final construct will sound like when the buttons are pushed and their girlfriends' jaws go agapeshit. And that sound is like a roaring amalgam of other Rotten Records acts (or Australian extreme in general) in collision with Candiria, Origin, Exhumed, Fishbone, Mastodon, and Meshuggah. In other words, expect the ragged and raga, pregnant pauses and loss of blood, tangents aplenty and empowering philosophical lyrics exploding in your face like a two-dollar pistol, cleansing and clarifying like acid on glass. Suggestion: Stay until the end because "Khali-Ma" is the best damn thing around, sorta like Jane's Addiction crossed with Soilent Green.
(PO Box 56 Upland, CA 91786)


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